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  • Specifications and client requirements
  • Specific details with regards to design
  • Inspection of installations
  • Warehouse management
  • Recognition of deterioration mechanisms and condition categories

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Asset Management

  • Knowledge gap analysis
  • Increase shareholder, senior management, regulator and public confidence
  • Previous failure analysis review
  • Prevention and mitigation measures
  • Detailed regulatory requirements
  • Threat identification (asset segments are evaluated to identify threats of concerns to the asset and to assess risk)
  • Management of change (review, alterations and repairs, as well as the impact of operational changes)
  • Ensure adoption of best-in-class practices (for corrosion circuits, damage frequency, rates of decay, critical operating parameters, mitigation techniques, condition monitoring and inspections)

services 04

Project Management

  • Specification and client requirements
  • Warehouse development
  • Tender evaluation and vendor selection
  • System and material selection
  • Racking manufacture and installation

About us

Light gauge perforated racking is excluded from all South African codes of practice. The industry is expected to rely on suitable alternative international standards. However, since the industry has been uncontrolled for decades, gaps are evident in adherence and maturity with regards to international codes of practice in design, use and maintenance of racking and warehouses.

As a group of associates, we have our roots in industrial structural engineering. Due to the uncontrolled environment of the racking industry, E-Asset was born from the realisation and need of the far reaching consequences of unwanted events in racking projects and warehouse management.

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    Industrial and structural engineering specialists

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    facilitatation of warehouse management

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    standardisation of the racking industry

The Team

Bert Booyse

B Eng Structural. Pr Tech Eng

Structural Engineer

Provide technical support in structural engineering to client

Structural design of the various industrial, commercial and mining structures across the African Continent

Structural, dynamics, measurements, system analysis and design reviews

Structural integrity inspection (SIMM) and audits

The Team

Anna Kosinkaya

MSc Eng (Hydrotechnical Construction)

Managing Member

Provide engineering asset management services and technical support in structural and civil infrastructure

Structural integrity inspections of industrial, mining and warehouse structures

Structural integrity inspections and audits of static and dynamic racking and shelving

Asset integrity for werehouse management

The Team

Hennie Klopper

B Eng Mechanical (Hons). Pr Eng

Mechanical Engineer

Provide technical support in mechanical engineering to client

Client needs and onsite problem assessment

The use of advanced simulation technology and innovation to solve clients’ engineering problems

Structural, dynamics, measurements, system analysis and design reviews

Involved in project ranging from fatality investigations, structural failures of large plant equipment, structural fatigue investigation of plant and mobile equipment, tyre pyrolysis and safety around truck tyres, mobile medical trailers for Sishen, contract negotiation, etc

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Physical address: 290 Arizona Crescents, Faerie Glenn, Pretoria

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